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Why Couples Who Have Good Sex Are More Likely To Cheat


Why Couples Who Have Good Sex Are More Likely To Cheat

A recent study suggests that there is a higher chance that couples who have good sex are more likely to cheat than their counterparts who aren’t as intimate. The whole study is based on the premise that those who enjoy staying between the sheets are always insatiable and will always want more.

The research also suggested that there is a lower chance of men with more attractive wives cheating than women with attractive husbands. Couples who have been married for up to 3 and half years made up the sample population studied by the researchers from Florida University.

The couples that participated were asked to write down everything they could about their relationship including their sex life, commitment over the years and if they have ever cheated. All 233 participating couples were also asked to take a good look at highly attractive and average looking men and women and tell if there could be any possibility of straying.

Over the course of the study, it was ascertained that those who quickly stopped looking at the images were the same set of persons found to be less likely to cheat. Those who gazed longer gazed for only for a few seconds longer but it was enough to distinguish up to 50% of the cheaters from the faithful.

It was also observed that the looks of the people in the images showed to them were downgraded by those that turned out to be the faithful ones. This study also observed that there was a higher chance of the attractive women to be faithful than their less attractive counterpart.

The research also discovered that there was a higher chance of attractive men to stray as well as those who have had a short sexual fling in the past. The opposite was the case for women though.

They concluded this report by saying that the advent of social media which brings about availability and access to alternative partners; it would be more relevant to understand how people avoid temptation posed by the alternative partners – than to try to fully understand relationships.


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