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Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth


Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

We are asked a question by our soul family before we are born – what would you like to learn in your lifetime? It is at this point that the soul contracts are formed.

If our intention is to learn patience, for instance, we would be surrounded by people (perhaps in form of siblings) who would make us wonder in their ambition is to push your buttons and annoy you to the ends of the earth. If we intend to learn love, we would be shown hate in massive proportions. Irrespective of what you choose, you will get an abundance of the opposite. This forms the basis of the soul contract for it is only when we are pushed that we end up standing up for ourselves.

Diamonds only gain sparkle after a lot of repetitive scrubbing has been done on it; we are no different. Self-development is a process that requires a lot of scrubbing and in most cases; this scrubbing can be very painful. Pain can come in 2 forms; the abusive pain and the learning pain. While the abusive pain has next to no known benefits, the learning pain is fundamentally crucial to the growth of any human being.

Apart from what some people term “the beginner’s luck” which in my opinion is a way the universe tells us that we can actually achieve a lot if we can put I the work. Being knocked off balance is the first step to growth. We get moved from our comfort zone into a different and less comfortable zone and the difficulty and level of excellence we intend to achieve influences how uncomfortable this new zone will be.

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The growth represents the flip side of our return to balance. The universe keeps teaching us lessons and one of the most frustrating feelings is to discover that you have put in the effort to overcome a problem and your reward for that is a more challenging problem. Its like whenever we show the universe that we can handle the heat, it becomes a little bit hotter. This is one of the most frustrating things about self-growth but the experience we get from it makes it an amazing feeling.

An important aspect that must never be forgotten is that it is our friends that come to teach us these lessons. It is also our friends (soul friends) who with our permission hurt or betray us thus giving us the opportunity to learn.

For this to seem real, we forget about them when we go through the natural river of forgetfulness (birth). If you would rather live in denial and pretend that they love you, your perspective will definitely be changed.


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