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This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People


This Is How Strong Women Shut Down Narcissistic People

Narcissistic people have the immense capability of ruining your personal space and take over the control of your life. They would make you do whatever they want and the funny thing is that you will actually do everything they are asking you to do in the way they want you to do.

They are that powerful. Each one of us put up a guard against these narcissistic people, but there are very few who can hold the fort in front of them. They have something about them that helps them to convince the others no matter how much you put up a fight. You will ultimately lay down your weapons and listen to what they say and accomplish the task they have asked you to do.

But, this is where strong women are different from you. They don’t bow down before these narcissistic people.

1. The narcissistic people are very good at picking up polite, empathetic, and nice people. They are always in the company of the nicest people to feed their own egos. These narcissistic people are always found in the company of nice people because they know these nice people won’t snap back at them.

Instead, these nice people actually make people around them feel good about themselves, including the narcissistic people. Though they keep themselves surrounded by nice people, in reality, they are not one from inside. They would say nice things to you when they need your help.

They don’t actually mean those words. But, a strong woman is not that naïve. She can differentiate the difference between a fake compliment and a genuine one. A strong woman is confident about themselves and knows what they are lacking, so it makes it easier for them to differentiate the fake compliments. The moment she realizes that someone is just trying to trick them; they are ready to throw them away from their life instantly.

2. Narcissistic people are very good at putting the blame on someone else, even when they have committed the mistake. They would never accept the fact that they were wrong; instead, they put the blame on others. In case, even if they do accept that they were at fault, then it means that they are trying to manipulate things for their own benefit.

A Strong woman doesn’t allow these narcissistic people to use them as a dumping yard. A strong woman is ready to accept their fault if they have done something wrong, but at the same time, they would expect the other person to do the same. The narcissistic people tend to avoid strong woman because they can’t have their way in front of a strong woman. They have to accept their fault in front of a strong woman, there is no other way out.

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3. Long-term promises are made by narcissistic people to achieve a good amount of time frame for the relationship where they can squeeze out every bit of it for their own benefit. A narcissistic person would make sweet and long-lasting promises in the initial stages of a relationship in order to convince the victim that they are the best choice for a relationship. Once the person is convinced and starts losing their guard, these narcissistic people take full advantage of them.

This is where a strong woman is different. They don’t fall into the trap of sweet words. They are somewhat a believer in action rather than just words. When someone promises something to a strong woman, she wants them to follow it up with action. But, a narcissistic person fails to do that and this is where a strong woman shuts down the narcissistic person.

4. Narcissistic people have the tendency of controlling other’s life. In order to make things go in favor of them, the narcissistic person will manipulate and control the emotion as well as the action of other people.

You can hardly manipulate or influence a strong woman. Even if you try to do that, they would rather shut you down than bowing down to your wishes. She will do things the way she feels is right and no one else can bend her rules, not even the narcissistic people.

5. Narcissistic people look down upon the people around them. The narcissistic people always want to feel superior to others, even when they are not. So, if these narcissistic people are not being able to prove their superiority among others, then they pull down others by bringing out their flaws and making fun of it.

It makes them feel better. Now, if you look at a strong woman you will know that it is not that easy to bring them down. They are not bothered by other’s opinions about them. They are confident in their own skin. Moreover, they already know what flaws they have and how to overcome them, so this trick of narcissistic person won’t work for a strong woman.

6. The narcissistic people are two different people in private and public. When these narcissistic people are in public they put up a sweet face, but that doesn’t mean they are a sweet person by nature. They have many faces and they tend to change their shades depending on the situation.

They will support your view in front of you, but when you are gone, they will be seen criticizing you and making fun of you with others. They change opinion to please others because they themselves are not opinionated. Now coming to the strong women, they just can’t stand these double standards.

If the narcissistic person behaves this way in front of a strong woman, then she is most likely to expose them and confront them in public. This is one situation that narcissistic people would love to avoid because they are not used to this and they don’t know how to handle it.

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7. Narcissistic people win a fight by making the other busy in their defense. If you caught a narcissistic person doing something wrong and ask them for an explanation, they will turn the table and come up with some lame excuses. Then they try to steer the topic of discussion towards you where you will start defending your acts and end up getting confused about what the actual fight was all about.

But, this trick doesn’t work with a strong woman because she knows how to confront these narcissistic people and their wrongdoings. She would never allow someone to drift from the actual reason for discussion and wander around the bushes. She would put them back on track every time they wander off the path. She makes the narcissistic person admit to their fault and won’t leave them until they have done so.

8. Narcissistic people love to play the victim card when everything goes wrong. When the mask falls off from the face of the narcissistic people, they would play the victim card quite efficiently.

They know that they have been caught red-handed, so now they cannot escape the consequences, therefore, they try to seek empathy from people around them by explaining things and how their past experiences have made them the person they are now.

They are so good at it that at one point in time you will also start feeling bad for them and eventually forgive them. It is nothing like, a strong woman is not empathetic or kind, but they are smart enough to differentiate between a genuine one and a fake one.

When they realize that the narcissistic person is putting up an act, then she won’t spare them. You can never fool a strong woman or trick her into empathizing someone for their miseries.

The Strongwoman never lets emotion come in the way of their decision. She would rather stand up against abusers, rather than ignoring them. The narcissistic person won’t get away by pretending to be someone they are actually not in real life. A strong woman will eventually sense it and make them accept it.
No matter how many acts or sob stories these narcissistic people makeup, the strong woman has the answer to each of their tricks. It is possible for her because she sees through the narcissistic people and this is why the narcissistic people are so intimidated by a strong woman.

Only a strong woman can shut the narcissistic people down completely.

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