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The Incredible Power of the Forehead Kiss


The Incredible Power of the Forehead Kiss

Activation of Kissing

Kissing is an act of compassion that is carried out by people who love each other. There is nothing quite as distinct as kissing someone you love and someone you love kissing you. Kissing is one of the major ways of showing love and affection to people that you love.

A survey carried out on October 2013 which was published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour gave a report on the various benefits of kissing in relationships that are romantic.

The reports state that a high percentage of the population that participated in the survey revealed that the act of kissing strengthened their relationships for the better in a variety of ways.

Pineal gland and its functions

Kissing on the forehead is an affectionate way of being kissed. Most people regard a forehead kiss as a third eye kiss. The third eye according to Rene Descartes who was a 17th-century philosopher is the pineal gland which is located between the hemisphere of the brain. It is said to be connected to the soul. It is believed to play a vital role in circadian rhythmic regulation.

The pineal gland has been researched abundantly by numerous scholars in the world and the world is still far from fully understanding its functions. Dr. Rick Strassman wrote a book on the pineal gland functions titled DMT: The spirit molecule. This book was later made into a movie, in this book he gave a hypothesis on the various functions of the pineal gland.

Several other individuals have confirmed Dr. Rick Strassman’s hypothesis on DMT functions such as Joe Rogan who is a UFC commentator and podcaster. Joe commented saying that the DMT produced by the brain naturally even when we are asleep, he continued saying that although it has not been scientifically proven, it is the most natural thing that happens in the human body.

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Functions of DMT

Each researcher has varying ways they regard the pineal gland but they all basically agree that DMT performs the following functions.

  • DMT helps in improving one’s confidence
  • DMT helps to increase self-esteem
  • DMT helps in decreasing the bad effects if traumatic experiences both physically and emotionally
  • It helps to lessen anxiety attacks
  • It helps one to cope with loss effectively
  • It helps in viewing one’s self in a positive light

Sufficient data is still needed to back up the functions of DMT but Several scientists believe that the third eye kiss has healing benefits. There are claims that state a kiss to the forehead stimulates the pineal gland. They claim that kissing the forehead is basically like kissing the soul of the person.

The third eye is said to be located between one’s eyebrow on the forehead and people believe that it is dormant until it is activated by a kiss. A kiss to the forehead is said to activate the third eye and upon stimulation, it releases DMT and melatonin which help the body both emotionally and physically.

The third eye kiss is said to help give one a good night sleep and keep one in a deep state of awareness. You will feel the magnitude of love the person has for you through the third eye kiss reports say.

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A good night sleep will be gotten as a result of the fact that the DMT has been secreted which helps in soothing people emotionally so in retrospect they end up going to bed with little or nothing to worry about. DMT and melatonin are said to make individuals more aware of everything around them and conscious of their environment.

A proper third eye kiss should be between the eyebrow on the forehead and ancient literature say that once you are giving your partner the third eye kiss, you should whisper words of love and encouragement to the person. With this combination, your partner is said to know how well you feel for him or her.

Continuously giving your partner a third eye kiss will result in you viewing the results faster than expected. Giving a third eye kiss to the ones you love prove just how much you care about them so whenever a situation arises that allows you to give out a third eye kiss, go for it.

There are significant benefits of a third eye kiss and you can only know more about them if you engage in it. The more you give your partner a third eye kiss, the more your union will be beneficial. Try and see that the theories which need additional data are true.

A third eye kiss makes your partner feel incredibly special, it lets your partner know just how important they are to you. To have an exciting partnership with your significant other, give them a third eye kiss every day.

Image was originally taken by an incredible artist Alex Grey

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