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Studies Find Evidence Of A Fourth Dimension


Studies Find Evidence Of A Fourth Dimension

It’s difficult to imagine what a four-dimensional reality would be like after all, we live in a 3-dimensional reality but this isn’t deterring physicists from trying to figure it out. It seems like scientists may be up to something if the report published in the journal Nature – which explores the possibilities of a fourth dimension – is anything to go by.

Two completely distinct experimental approaches were taken in the papers to detect the fourth dimension and they both ended up with similar conclusions. That said, it would be better t first have an understanding of what the research team was looking for before we dive into what the experiments attempted to prove. This isn’t your regular pass time content, so sit up and pay attention.

Let’s work with your imagination. Imagine a cube that is transparent, kind of similar to that one you used to scribble on a plain sheet of paper back in high school. Each cube line in that drawing exist in a single dimension; you can go back and forth but nothing beyond that. It creates a second dimension when it gets to a second line and connects with it. Now, you have the capacity to go back and forth plus now you can also go up and down which really is more freedom than the initial drawing. Give the object whatever you wish it to have as depth and you have a 3-dimensional space.

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We live in a 3D world with time being the fourth D but we cannot see time. The aim of this study is to discover is the effects of a fourth spatial dimension that can be detected within our 3D world. No one knows what the 4D world will be like but we seem to be at the point where we are sure there is a fourth dimension beneath our visible 3D spectrum.

One of the experiments done by the scientists focused on light particles moving through a specially made glass that bounces back and forth between edges. The team was able to observe how light behaved by simulating the effects of an electrical charge via physical input. They looked out for irregularities that only a fourth dimension can bring about.
The second experiment made use of supercooled atoms held in a laser-made grid. They referred to it as the charge pump and it was used to test for the flow of electrical charge while being on the lookout for the reactions of the atoms.

The end results of both experiments were similar. There is a fourth dimension all around us even though we cannot see it. No significant progress has been made by science to tap into his fourth dimension, however, knowing that it is there is a crucial step towards painting a complete picture of physics and we can be certain that more experiments along this line will be conducted in the not too distant future.

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