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NASA Confirms: People Are Capable Of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!


NASA Confirms: People Are Capable Of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!

The Sun has been worshipped ardently through ancient times. Olden cultures through the centuries and millennia have prayed to the Sun for they believed it to be the most powerful heavenly body in the sky. People believed that the Sun would end their poverty and famines, and heal them of diseases. Some even thought that the Sun was the key to the telepathic phenomenon!

It seems incredible and more of a fairy tale, but spiritual gurus through the times have gained these fantastical abilities and even practiced them.

The practice is called Sun-gazing, conducted during the early morning sunrises and late evening sunsets. Beginners start by looking at the Sun for short durations of only ten seconds each gaze. As the days pass, the Sun-gazer adds ten seconds to their practice for every passing day.

It is advised to be barefooted during the practice, to allow the energies to flow through your body and reach the Earth, where they will strengthen your core. Yes, it does sound like hogwash, but modern science has also accepted that gazing at the Sun is a form of power building mechanisms for the body.

World-famous scientist and discoverer of the applications of electric power was a great believer of Sun-gazing. Talking about the superhuman capabilities it can lead to, he is said to have said that he had an idea of life that was independent of external nourishment that would not be held down by its resulting limitations. He believed that life and its development should be able to support these forms of existence.

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He questioned why living beings are not able to get the energy the body needs for its metabolic and other life processes from the environment directly, instead of having to rely on food, converting the ingested material into life energy through a series of complicated processes.

This phenomenon of relying on Sun-gazing is called the HRM phenomena, named after Hira Ratan Manek who was tested upon by NASA, thus popularizing this technique. It has been discovered that:

1. Sun-gazing and the rays that fall upon our body cause the pineal gland in the brain to get activated and, boost the production of melatonin and serotonin. These feel-good hormones lead to a boost in energy levels and cause a happy feeling to linger.

2. The Sun’s power also stimulates the brain and causes the pineal gland to grow. As we grow older, the pineal gland reduces in size and shrinks, but with the power of Sun-gazing, the effect is reversed!

3. The body’s energy requirement is fulfilled by the Sun, and Man can even reduce His food intake if He regularly Sun-gazes. This can lead to a healthy form of weight loss.

Our rich cultures and the forgotten past was rich in science and its various techniques. They often had the answer to Humanity’s problems, and it is imperative that our current world turns to the past to regain the knowledge of our ancestors.

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The only question that now remains is how our world was led to forget these ancient techniques.

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