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9 Changes When The Person You Love Decides to Leave You


9 Changes When The Person You Love Decides to Leave You

The Different Changes in Character You Experience After a Heartbreak

Going through heartbreak is an inevitable action that cannot be avoided. People do not understand the magnitude of hurt that happens during heartbreaks, it is something that can only be understood when you experience it first-hand.

You are always going to be in need of the person that was once yours and you will be emotional just thinking about being without your lover. There are several changes that begin subtly after a breakup, you might not realize you are changing but you are. The following are the social changes that occur most times after a breakup.


You will find it difficult to sleep every day. You feel the heartbreak and loneliness harder in the night-time due to the fact that the amount of distracting things are limited as opposed to the daytime. During the day, you have a number of things to do that will occupy your mind like work, events or even a couple of friends that will want to take you out to distract you.

But once the day ends, you are back alone in your room with only yourself as a company. Even though you did a lot of things during the day and you are mentally exhausted, you still find yourself contemplating about if you would’ve changed certain things about yourself, if maybe the relationship will still be budding.
Times like this, you should find something that will make you sleep or chill out. It is very important not to worry your self with the “what ifs” so that you can have a good night’s rest in preparation for the next day.

Inability to Have Fun Anymore

When young was in a relationship, night out with your friends were usually awesome. You used to look forward to it and have the time of your life but now that you are heartbroken, it seems like the night outs are no longer as fun as they use to be. You have suddenly lost the zeal to have fun.

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It is extremely difficult if you and your ex share mutual funds as that is where it starts getting awkward as you’ll be beating yourself up wondering how he is if he is seeing someone else. Even when everyone around you is having the time of their life, you feel extremely isolated.

Lack of Zeal to Perform Simple Chores

The chores that used to be so simple to do seem so difficult to handle when you are heartbroken. It will take you a long time to do basic chores such as laundry, dishes etc. you should, however, remember that this phase will pass but you have to rise above your heartbreak for it to pass.

Tasks You Performed as a Couple Make You Emotional

Several tasks you used to do together such as going to the grocery store or watching a movie now make you very emotional because it reminds you of the person as well as the fact that the person is no longer with you. Every memory you had together will make you tear up and this is something that you cannot control even if you wanted to.

You Enjoy Your Solitude

Even after you are over the breakup, you will still see yourself enjoying being alone. This phase is one that you have to walk through so as to find out who you are so that you can be mentally prepared for the next step in your life.

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You do not want to s friends because you believe that you guys have nothing to talk about and you might be embarrassed by all the times you broke down about your breakup.

You Get New Hobbies

Due to the fact that tasks and hobbies you and your ex did together causes you to hurt, you will find yourself picking up new hobbies to feel the void that you have. This is not a bad thing as you have to have an activity to channel all your pent-up energy.

You Will Find Yourself Making New Friends

Once you start getting new hobbies you will get to meet new people, this is inevitable. New friends do not necessarily mean that you will discard the old ones, it just means that you are keeping your options open in terms of acquaintances and friends.

You Will Find Comfort In Music

Music will become your comfort, music will allow you to escape the world simply by putting on your earbuds. Music becomes a way for you to let go of all the pain and hurt. As time goes on, you will find your taste in music moving to happier music. This means that you are healing.

You Will Find Strength From Within

You probably thought you would not be able to survive this heartbreak and suddenly you realize it doesn’t hurt as much as it use to. You realize that you can put your mind into other things. You can even look back in appreciation rather than sadness as this experience showed you how strong you really are.


The time heartbreak lasts varies with different people, but the only thing that remains constant is the fact that it will pass away.

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