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7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex


7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

It’s natural that you would experience dry spells every now and then, although some people cant just imagine a life where they would have to go on without sex.

So what are the effects of knocking out a nookie on the body?

There would definitely be a significant change in both your body and general psych if you go from constant engagement in intercourse to complete abstinence and as some may have suspected, the women come off worse than the men.

How can a loss of libido affect your body?

According to a certified sex therapist, Sari Cooper, some individuals start feeling sluggish when they refrain from sex. She noted that for some of her patients, it is “out of sight, out of mind” however, not everyone can have the same feeling about it. Some people start finding sex a lot more desirable during their fallow period.

Can mental health be affected by lack of sex?

Cooper explained that some people feel seriously down as a result of lack of physical contact. People usually have skin-to-skin contact when they are having sex and this is the first way our brains were wired to feel comforted as babies with our mothers. People mood can be regulated by skin-to-skin contact and this is in abundance during sex caressing others, which could result in the release of oxytocin – the feel-good hormone.

That said, there is no clinical depression that arises as a result of lack of sex.

How does a lack of sex affect your vaginal walls?

Women who are going through menopause are usually the ones that have to bother about this.
As you get older, if you radically reduce the amount of sex you have, your vagina walls thin out and can cause you to have pain whenever you decide to get back in the act. For this reason, the North American Menopause Society recommends that women who are going through menopause should have regular penetrative sex to help their vaginal health.

Can a lack of sex mean a loss of lubrication?

The vagina may struggle to lubricate itself if it has been a while you had sex and this is also a condition commonly seen in older women. It occurs mostly to them because they are running low on the estrogen hormone.

The author of “Sex Rx: Hormones, Health, and Your Best Sex Ever,” Dr. Lauren Streicher explained that there is a lot of estrogen in women in their 20s and 30s to ensure that tissues stay lubricated, elastic and healthy even while she isn’t sexually active.

How does a lack of sex affect your period pains?

Strangely, a good way of reducing your menstrual cramps during your period is to have sex. She noted that the uterus is a muscle and during orgasm, many women will have a uterine contraction and this causes a quicker exorcise of blood thus reducing menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps could also be alleviated by the increase in endorphins.

How does a lack of sex affect stress?

Sex is a way of letting off steam and getting stress out of the body for some individuals. If you are one of such individuals, prolonged abstinence could build up your stress levels. This isn’t applicable to everyone though. Sex could be painful or just another thing on the to-do list for some individuals. In this case, it doesn’t de-stress the individual.

Does a lack of sex stop you getting as many UTIs?

It’s not all bad news as you can see. Recurrent bladder infections are likelier in people who have constant sex because of the bacteria that could be spread during the act. This simply means that less sex reduces the chances that you will sit on the loo wincing in agony.

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