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5 Signs You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You


5 Signs You Love Someone Who Doesn’t Deserve You

Loving someone who does not know how good they’ve got it and are therefore unable to appreciate you is the worst. Self-absorbed and self-seeking people are particularly difficult to love because while you may be ready to give your all and love them fully, they are unable to appreciate it and only want more and more until you find yourself drained, all while giving nothing in return.

It’s exhausting to say the very least because no matter how much you do and how hard to try and please them and make them feel loved, they will never even see how much you put in, much less feel the need to reciprocate and make you feel equally as loved and secure. It’s a bad cycle and situation to be in.

If you find yourself here wondering if it’s worth it and what you need to do, this article is for you. Once you get to this point and you’re left considering your life without them, then the chances that your big fairytale change will happen to make everything better is super slim so maybe you should focus on your alternatives. If you still aren’t sure and you would like to know what the signs might be, well here they are:

1. They lie and cheat

These are two vices you should never have to put up with and the terrible thing is, it shows just how little they value you. Not only is your partner breaking your trust by lying and cheating, they will always continue to do so because it is a never-ending cycle. Once they can get away with it once, chances are they will keep repeating it.

If your partner does not value you enough to cheat or does not trust you with the truth, no matter the situation then they do not love, deserve or respect you. They are showing no consideration for you and your feelings and that is just not something you do to someone that is important to you.

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2. They are always taking, never giving

We all know that relationships are give and take. Yes, sometimes it is not a balanced situation and one party gives more than the other per time but both parties must at some point be on either end. If you find yourself constantly giving, and they are always taking and never looking to give back, then that shows that you are not someone they want.

The thing is, no matter what your personality is, when you love someone and truly value them, you want to give so much to make them happy and feel loved. If your partner is showing no signs of this, then it is pretty safe to conclude they do not feel that way. They will only suck you dry and leave you empty. Every party in a relationship needs to give as much as they get in a relationship, if not more.

3. They belittle you

This one is head turner because it is bad enough that they are taking so much from you, lying or cheating but when they begin to pass off any of their issues to you by belittling you or making you feel inferior then it’s more than just a passive issue.

You really cannot make excuses for someone who is so damaging that they are mean to you, say the most hurtful things, try to tear you down or make you cry. It is too toxic a situation to be in and leave yourself in. This is an active disregard of you and your feelings and the one action you really need in return is leaving them.

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4. They are unreliable

Just ask yourself, can you count on them and their support when you really need it? How many times have you needed your partner to be there and instead find that you are all alone, going through your hard times by yourself? What is the point of being in a relationship where you can’t count on your partner’s support?

Does your partner miss all the special moments in your life up to the point that your friends and parents notice this? How many times does it seem like you are an inconvenience or do you get stood up or asked about them? Someone who deserves you will be there for you just as you are for them.

5. They are selfish

A relationship is a partnership, no matter what stage it is at. Everyone in a partnership works together to see that it succeeds and reaches the next level. Do you feel like your partner does things for you and for your relationship or is everything just about them?

In fact, you don’t just need someone who can work for the good of the team, you need someone who can be selfless. Your partner should be able to do things for you that may not even benefit them at all. That’s a person who deserves you. Don’t settle for anything less.

If any or more of these signs checkout, you need to checkout as well. It’s better to be single and on your own than it is to deal with these issues when you should be in a loving healthy relationship.

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