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8 Signs That You Are The Bearer Of Your Family Karma


8 Signs That You Are The Bearer Of Your Family Karma

Family karma simply means traits, mannerisms, characters and attributes you receive from your family through the bloodline of your ancestors. There might be occasions where you have a particular character trait that you associate with one of your parents, like for example if you are obsessive and compulsive about cleaning, you must have acquired this trait from one of your parents.

Negative character traits are also passed down, for example, if you are battling with alcoholism, there is a high chance your parents or ancestors were alcoholics. These ancestral traits are passed down through the Karmic DNA that is more spiritual than physical.

Most of the time these family karma are blocked in some people and other times they aren’t. This explains situations where you act like an ancestor that you never met or associated with. This karma is passed from generation to generation, in some it is more obvious than others.

There are Various signs that prove that you might just be the carrier of your family’s karma and they are as follows.

You Have Character Traits Different From Your Siblings

There might be occasions that you feel you are very different from your siblings due to the way they think it acts. If you constantly feel different from the rest of your family, you might be the carrier of your family’s karma.

You Have Unexplainable Sicknesses

You might be having a reoccurring sickness that has no explanation whatsoever. There might also be occasions when you feel like the weight of the world is compressing you and you can’t breathe.

You Are More Aware Than The Rest Of Your Family

You are the most developed spiritually and the most aware amongst your family members.

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You Have Identified The Ancestral Traits

You must have identified the traits that are associated with your ancestors and family and you are looking for ways to change the outcome.

Family karma has negative effects both on character and mannerism so it is important that you look for ways to break free from the karma rather than constantly affiliating yourself with your ancestral traits and using them as an excuse. There are various ways to change your family karma and break free from the invisible chains holding you and they are as follows.

Realise It Is All An Illusion

Rather than wallowing in self-pity for the character traits that you believe you cannot change because it is associated with your ancestors, look for ways to change it. The first step is to understand that you are just bound by an illusion and once you realize this, you can change your characters knowing fully well that there is nothing holding you back.

You have to first understand yourself and your emotions, this is the step towards understanding that you control your self and nothing controls you. Once you realize the amount of damage this family karma has done to your life, then you will know that you alone are in charge of your own destiny.

Find an Outlet For Your Emotions

It is important to have an outlet where you will pour out your emotions. If can be in the form of a journal or a person. This will help you have a rein in on your emotions.

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Talking to a specialist is also very ideal as they will help keep you accountable for your actions and they are the best outlets as they offer comfort and they are trustworthy.

You can also consider speaking to anyone you trust with your problems. Having an outlet is a very important step towards attaining peace and breaking free.

Attain Internal Peace

Attaining internal peace simply means coming to terms with your past and present, it means understanding that you had to pass through all that to get to where you are exactly.

Attaining internal peace is a step in the right direction because once you forgive yourself for situations that you cannot change you are well on your way to changing and breaking free.

Most people find this step very difficult due to the fact that the family karma had negatively affected them and they are having a hard time forgiving themselves. It is however very important to take this step.

Forgive Your Family

The minute you attain internal peace, the next step to take is to forgive your parents as they are just victims of the ancestral traits. On occasions where this family karma had a negative effect on your childhood and life, it might prove to be very difficult to forgive them but you have to understand that they are victims as well.

To fully attain peace and be completely free from the binds of the ancestral karma, it is very important that you forgive your parents to be able to move forward.

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