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5 Signs a “Spiritual” Person is Actually Full of Crap


5 Signs a “Spiritual” Person is Actually Full of Crap

Spirituality is a complex concept for most people, especially when it comes to discerning between this and being religious. Most people who identify as spiritual, often believe in each individual identifying what works best for them and developing their own spiritual relationship, finding what works for them and finding hope and guidance where they can.

It is a distinct journey that can have many pitfalls because while searching for meaning in your life, finding your own true way, or seeking something that touches you or is bigger than yourself, you can find yourself lost, misguided, misinterpreting many different sides and maybe even straight on deceiving.

Many people today identify as spiritual in the face of the disastrous things that are happening. Most want to believe there is a reason for everything and someone or something above us all, has our back and helps us through but we can easily fall prey to wrong teachings and deceptive people. Getting spiritual guidance or input from someone who is a phony is ultimately worse than not being spiritual at all, isn’t it?

It’s not that hard to spot someone who has false spirituality or has fallen out of the good intent behind seeking spirituality. You should want to detect, know and stay away from such people. If you are wondering how to spot them, here are some signs.

#1 – Judgement, Comparison or Competition

Most truly spiritual people believe that judging or feeling superior to others, comparing or living life in competition with others is a spiritual no-no as all it does is create toxic lives, hearts and relationships.

If you find yourself around a person who feels better than others because of their spirituality or something they do or the way they live, then you can instantly cross them off. No genuinely spiritual person should think that some humans are better than others, or some choices make them ultimately better people.

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Rather, they should understand that we are all humans and someway or the other, we do good things as well as bad. We all try to be better but cannot attain this desired levels on our own.

Being spiritual is more than acts that make you good or evil, bad or good, better or worse. It is a continuing journey to betterment that seeks to help and improve everyone and everything around you.

#2 – How they love

You can tell a lot about a person by how they love – is it conditional or unconditional? Spiritual people understand the concept of loving people freely and wholly, irrespective of how good or bad they might be. They do not love others only when they are good or helpful to them or only want to love people like them.

To be truly spiritual, you have to live a welcoming and open life that deals with others peacefully and lovingly whether they are good to you or not. It doesn’t mean you allow everyone in your space but you don’t treat them bad either.

#3 – Pride, Boastfulness and Arrogance

One thing you should always look out for in a spiritual person is modesty and humility. Spiritual people are never out to show how wonderful they are and how much stuff they have. They are not about the material or vain things but understand that the things to be treasured are not things that should be proud or arrogant about.

They also understand that everyone has their own time or rhythm in life and are never out to show that theirs is better or the preferred way. It’s a surefire sign that someone is false if they go about bragging about everything they have or do because then, they do not understand the true nature they are trying to embrace.

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#4 – Unwillingness To Learn

Spirituality is a continuous journey of growth, learning, unlearning and development. A spiritual person must understand that they do not know it all and are seeking meaning from more than themselves. In fact, spiritual people continually feel like the more they know, the more there is left to know.

They constantly find themselves in awe of how big and beautiful the world is and look to learn more about it, from others, from new experiences, etc. They are never satisfied or feeling complete by just reaching one place. If you meet a spiritual person who feels they have reached the peak and have nothing left to learn, yep, you guessed it. False.

#5 – Attachment to Material Things

This one is pretty obvious, right? If you are spiritual, you are seeking something more than the material things. If you find a spiritual person living for the material things or beyond their means, it should be pretty obvious that they are themselves still struggling and not at a spiritual place yet.

This article is not to put down spiritual people but to help you do it right. You have to understand that spirituality is about more than the vain and silly things that every human could be. It should be more.

We all have to work on ourselves that’s for sure but to improve your spiritual life, you need to know how.

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