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12 Traits Of People With True Integrity


12 Traits Of People With True Integrity

Integrity is something that makes a person. You either have it or you don’t, there is no midway through it. But, now that we are talking about integrity, what exactly is it? It can mean many things to many people. For some people, integrity is about doing things in a way that it is supposed to be done, whereas for some it is doing things right even when no one is watching you.

So, basically, integrity is doing things right because you believe that is the way things should be done and not just showing off. A person with true integrity will do stuff in the right way and walk away; they don’t wait for your compliments. They don’t expect your gratitude because he believes that he hasn’t done something extraordinary or something special.

They don’t mind helping their worst enemy out of any situation if they need help. For some, it is a sign of weakness, but in reality, this integrity only prevails in the body of a strong personality.

You believe that you are a person of strong integrity, then you must possess certain characteristics. A person of true integrity does things that he or she feels is the way of life and has the capacity to bring in a positive change in society. They believe that one person at a time can bring in a change to the society and that is what he follows.

If you have true integrity, then you can actually lead a whole lot who are out there looking for a real leader. So, start bringing in a change by doing a thing in the right manner, even when you are not surrounded by people or even when you know that your work will go unnoticed. Don’t lookout for a reward for following the norms.

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Here are 12 signs to prove that you are a person of true integrity:

1. Real people

They are authentic people possessing a high character of their own. Being real and confident doesn’t make him superior to the race; rather he is just being himself. Real people are humble and you can easily talk to them.

2. Time is money

They know the real value of time and won’t waste people or their own time. If they have promised you a particular time for the appointment, then rest assured they won’t be running late. They will appreciate the work you have done for them, no matter whether it is big or small.

3. Don’t steal the show

They would never run you down or steal your show. They would rather compliment you when you do something good. Most importantly, they won’t judge you for doing or not doing something because they know none of us is perfect. They prefer to lead by their actions rather than words.

4. Down to earth

Talking about true integrity, a person who possesses this quality is someone who is very humble. He will help you for free and won’t deny the fact that they have committed a mistake, even when he has the chance of hiding it. They are happy to help others without thinking about the rewards.

5. Not afraid of saying ‘sorry’

As humans, we all make mistakes, but a person with true integrity will have the guts to own up to his mistakes and apologize.

6. They are forgiving

When someone else has hurt us, we only feel the pain, but don’t see where it is coming from and where the other person stands. But, a person with true integrity will understand the other person’s misery and won’t react to make things worse for them. They tend to forgive easily.

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7. Believe in people

Not many of us trust other people, but a person with true integrity does. But, don’t consider it their weakness because they understand what you are doing, but still giving you a second chance to rectify it. It takes a strong personality to do that.

8. Honest people on the block

They themselves are honest, so they think that everybody who comes across is as honest as them. They will take your words because they expect other people to be as honest as them. Until you prove them wrong, they don’t find any reason not to trust you.

9. Volunteers for welfare of the society

The person with true integrity knows the true value of volunteering. They love to serve the society without expecting anything back from it and would volunteer for any noble cause.

10. Just put a point on

You won’t find a person with true integrity fighting to prove their point. They generally put across their point and that’s it. They know the views differ from person to person and everybody is entitled to have their own views.

11. They would never ever take advantage

If you are friends with someone with true integrity, then you have friends for life and you can be sure about one thing and that is they won’t take advantage of you.

12. Not the one to lie

They know that a lie can just ruin everything, so they won’t get into the mess by lying to you. They would rather come up clean with you and accept doing something rather than hiding behind the bush of lies.

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